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Jamie Chez - Last comments b2evolution 2018-02-23T08:11:56Z In response to: A sad announcement Maybeline [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c1878 2006-08-10T01:50:57Z 2006-08-10T01:50:57Z I am so fortunate to have met you and was one of your roommates with Michael Sherwood in LA. You made the house come alive with your energy, your soul. I remember staying up all night talking .. and as you would say "solving the world's problems". You would make me laugh and ease my tensions. I loved to watch you perform. You were passionate about your music. I remember the first night you performed flowers and butterflies. The moment you hit the stage, you were sharing your gift, and there was no denying you were born to be there. I have thought of you often since I moved away. and I am so grateful that we were able to reconnect in 2004. Your voice the same smooth, hip tone. Your quick wit, and contagious laugh. Your pride and love for Nova was overflowing. What a remarkable gift you and Cheri have left the world. I only wish I could have seen you more. Had the opportunity to meet your family and the blessing of seeing you as a loving caring father. I know you are looking over us all and sending that love to sooth the loss we have endured. You are missed. You are truly missed and you are in my heart.]]> In response to: A sad announcement Mark W. Schember [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c1711 2006-07-31T12:57:32Z 2006-07-31T12:57:32Z
He passed with flying colors
Giving his talent to others

Giving freely of the light inside
Not even knowing how to hide

People were attracted to his glow inside
Not even knowing how they were tied

Of this man that they passed one day
Sensed a special feeling that wouldn’t go away

The magnetism, the eyes, deeper meaning they had to say,
Meet him now, don’t let him slip away

Bask in his glow this special one
A brief encounter with this Mother’s dear son

We come out better on the other side
When we meet God’s gift, even though now he has died

Yes he was God’s gift to us, for this we thank him much
Even though he has passed away, we will meet him on our final day

He brought us light, he brought us love
He lived life right, Divined from above

Thank you Lord for this gift we received
Forgive us if in his taking we felt deceived

Your special gift to us blessed our lives
His memories we will hold Holy and will survive

Your ways are perfect we know true
Thank you for this gift from you

Mark W. Schember]]>
In response to: Christine Sowden [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=title_1&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c1364 2006-07-09T23:49:57Z 2006-07-09T23:49:57Z
Christine, Minneapolis]]>
In response to: A sad announcement Mark Schember [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c1209 2006-06-28T11:14:40Z 2006-06-28T11:14:40Z
Once upon a time we heard him sing
He strummed the old guitar strings

Once upon a time we heard him play
Only to be remembered another day

The old guitar broken and dirty
He made sound golden, melodic and pretty

I could never make it sound that good
Only a true musician could

His voice carried through the air
In this moment I had no care

In those moments I had release
And felt such a gentle peace

Now when he plays and sings
It only touches the Angels wings

Moki Chez
In response to: Nancy Pelton [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=title_1&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c1113 2006-06-20T02:44:33Z 2006-06-20T02:44:33Z
Thankyou Jamie!

In response to: A sad announcement bytemonster [Member] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c1103 2006-06-18T19:30:08Z 2006-06-18T19:30:08Z In response to: A sad announcement Mark W. Schember [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c1073 2006-06-17T01:17:10Z 2006-06-17T01:17:10Z
The World has lost another soul,
Now in our lives remains a hole.

Of this event we had no control,
It hit us hard and took it’s toll.

We think of him often and miss him so,
We never thought that he would go.

He brightened our lives and touched deeply us all
Whoever knew Dec. 24th. would be his call.

The music, the smiles, he gave his all
We didn’t resist a bit his thrall.

June 18th, his day in the year
Remember him well, with good cheer.

Oh Brother, Oh Friend, Oh Son you were,
You are in our hearts, please know this for sure.

The wholeness of our Love for you,
Be with you forever, I wish it true.

As you look on us, those you knew,
even if our hearts are blue,
Know our Love fills the skies,
A reflection of the Love from your eyes.

In response to: A sad announcement Lynn (Fjerstad) Rose [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c335 2006-05-10T14:41:30Z 2006-05-10T14:41:30Z
Three of us who had known Jamie from Apple Valley High School were going to LA on holiday and I got in touch with him. We exchanged some phone calls, emails and photos of our kids (he was so proud of Nova!), and arranged to meet at his place one afternoon, but it rained that afternoon and, of course, everyone in LA forgot how to drive – traffic was barely even crawling and we had time issues. We had to cancel. “Well, next time we’re out there...” we said. Damn that LA traffic!!

I am so very saddened to hear of Jamie’s death. My heart goes out to his family. I can’t even imagine the loss you all feel. I have to say though that I feel comforted and happy that Jamie had so many people that loved and cared for him... happy that he followed and fulfilled his dreams with his music... happy that he found and knew true love... happy that he knew the great joy of being a parent... happy that Jamie had a fabulous life in the short time he was here... because a lot of us never get to know some of these things. Jamie was lucky...and definitely special.]]>
In response to: Charlene Stein [Visitor] http://novusfund.org http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=title_1&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c254 2006-04-26T03:09:06Z 2006-04-26T03:09:06Z In response to: Tribute movie and photo album Tim Bradley [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?blog=8&title=title_2&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c81 2006-02-03T02:21:47Z 2006-02-03T02:21:47Z
What an amazing man ...

Thank you.

Tim Bradley]]>
In response to: Tribute movie and photo album Steve "Flex" Torres [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?blog=8&title=title_2&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c80 2006-02-02T10:28:19Z 2006-02-02T10:28:19Z Thank you so much for sharing the video along with all the great photos!

The memorial was beautiful... so much love!

God bless!


In response to: Tribute movie and photo album Michael J. Sanchez, oldest Sanchez brother [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?blog=8&title=title_2&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c78 2006-02-01T21:49:24Z 2006-02-01T21:49:24Z Little brother . . .]]> In response to: A sad announcement jamie lemoine [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c76 2006-02-01T09:56:11Z 2006-02-01T09:56:11Z
your pal,

The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity. ~Seneca]]>
In response to: A sad announcement Robert Schember [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c75 2006-02-01T04:46:20Z 2006-02-01T04:46:20Z Certain popular songs bring Jamie into my head, they always have. They’ve always been good thoughts, nothing dramatic, just a memory, a conversation, a chance meeting when we were both on the road.
He loved my stories of two wheel adventure in the backwaters of America. I’d always throw in the music culture because I know he loved to hear it.
One trip that comes to mind is a run I made into Mississippi, along the river. I’d stop at every little hole-in-the-wall along the levy taking in all the culture I could find. Three old men and a woman were sitting on a porch in a couple of rockers and a porch swing, with instruments one hot afternoon; so thinking of Jamie, I wheel my bike up to the yard in front of their porch and asked directions.
I wasn’t lost; I just wanted to learn what I could learn from these folks and maybe hear a tune to tell Jamie about. They were nice folks, and set their instruments down along the wall of the house and told me all about themselves! They talked about their town, its history, segregation, racism, the river, the high cost of tomatoes, and their families. In two hours, I got three generations of history and learned plenty about happiness, attitude, hard work, and good times. They had lived full lives as the world they grew up in spun out of control all around them. They didn’t understand it, and they didn’t care.
They only had one collective regret. They never got to go to Memphis to play the Blues. They had all went to listen, but just once they wanted to play. I asked them “You folks any good?” The women piped up with a wail that sent me back 2 steps and the rest reaching for their instruments. What a voice! They played a couple tunes that would blow away any room.
He asked me “Why don’t you tape that stuff man, its priceless?”
I told him I was enjoying it to much to think about it.
He quipped “Why didn’t you tape it for me?”
I told him “You were the reason I stopped in the first place!”
His drawn out hushed reply “Cool man…….”

Someone wrote this line in a song a while ago “If you believe in forever, life is just a one night stand.” I think Rock & Roll Heaven needed a drummer and they hired the right person for the job.

In response to: A sad announcement Michael J. Sanchez [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c74 2006-01-31T20:09:10Z 2006-01-31T20:09:10Z ]]> In response to: A sad announcement Mark W. Schember [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c73 2006-01-30T21:11:41Z 2006-01-30T21:11:41Z Leaving the West
Just had to bury
One of the best

My heart was a mess
But now it's blessed
As I leave the West

His older brother
I was a pest
But that all changed
When we left the nest

I did my job
Because when we laid him to rest
We all knew he was the Best

Marcus Chez
In response to: A sad announcement Bill Sanchez [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=a_sad_announcement&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c72 2006-01-28T00:39:59Z 2006-01-28T00:39:59Z When Joey said that he knew Jamie for 25 years it reminded me that many people have known Jamie for much longer than I have...and I grieved for the loss of those years. When Joey said that Jamie really loved me, and called me “Papa Chez”, I prayed that Jamie knew how much I love him.
Jamie's attachment to butterflies prompted that theme for the event, for the music, for the tributes to him and for the gesture of releasing the butterflies in the patio area. The theme seemed to unify all of the messages about Jamie.
This gathering of family and friends to honor Jamie was a blessed event...his soul was present among all of our souls, and we were spiritually nurtured.
I was also impressed with the caliber of musical professionals with whom Jamie interacted and who liked and loved him. Their music was wonderful, expertly performed, and moved my soul. They came from distant places to acknowledge their love and to honor Jamie…a blessed group they are.
I'm listening to the Tangletown CD, grieving over Jamie, crying...realizing that he will never play again. I guess it's finally hitting me...I hate it. I...hate...it!!! Still, I am praying a lot...trying to understand…trying to determine if there is an understanding. I remember Joey intimating that he seemed more focused on business than Jamie. What I hear regarding Jamie in this CD is a man, who had perfected his craft...and doted on precision playing, even though he was not featured in any of the pieces they performed. That's the Jamie I knew, wide-open creativity and crisp precision in his playing. Having watched him perform several times, I remember his intensive concentration on percussion, with a sharp ear to the other performers. His friendly, outgoing personality carried him through his business dealings, and his honesty and integrity won him business. It surprised me when he began to work for CarMax, but I understood that he was simply putting his skills to work for his family. Some of these things I know about Jamie, but I still have much to learn about my son.
Jamie is gone, but is with me. I am continuing the many and different conversations he and I started.
I am so very thankful that Jan and Marty, in their love for Jamie, launched him into his creative self where he became fulfilled.

In response to: Michael J. Sanchez [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=title_1&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c71 2006-01-27T19:06:59Z 2006-01-27T19:06:59Z Fred, thank you for setting up this site. I left your name out of the 'thankyous' before and this has been an absolute God-send for all of us to pass information and get our feelings dealt with over this terrible loss. You are a special friend to all of us, even those you've not met.
Jamie would be so pleased to see how a hundred and some-odd total strangers have pulled together and made some good come of his passing on.
Lastly, Jamie's website is still up and running and will be maintained. I've added some photos of Jamie and Nova as well.
Jamie put the site together and I've updated it somewhat but it is basically as he originally had it. There is a BIO page that shows what my kid brother has been up to all these years. Like he told me once, "I have a great resume but that 'fame thing' is fake. I'm still taking out my own garbage and sweatin' the rent."
There's also a DOWNLOAD page with Jamie's music on it, about 20 or so songs and bits of songs that he was trying to market.
God's peace to all our hearts,

In response to: mike stark [Visitor] http://sherrinmike http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=title_1&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c70 2006-01-27T16:51:52Z 2006-01-27T16:51:52Z Always in my heart,
Mike (& wife Sherri) Stark]]>
In response to: Michael J. Sanchez, Jamie's oldest brother [Visitor] http://novasfund.org/blog/index.php?title=title_1&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#c69 2006-01-26T05:49:21Z 2006-01-26T05:49:21Z
"Q: Your new record is called TANGLETOWN.... What does that mean?

MS: TANGLETOWN was something Jamie [Chez], our drummer, said when we were putting together Jimmy Haun's studio. He looked at the wires, he said "Tangletown." He being from Minnesota, I didn't realize that was an area of St. Paul. It sounded like a song title. I wrote [the album's title track] around the idea, like a tour guide taking you around this weird place and
pointing out all the craziness. It's a metaphor for L.A., for the music business, and my twisted group of friends. Most of them worked on the record, a parade of real talent from my world."

I can't express adequately how cool it was that all of you put this together for our brother. We learned about Jamie from you, from your anecdotes and songs and tears. That's a gift that can never be repaid. For my part, I can only offer a forever gratitude.

Joey and all of you who did all the work and set up and cleaned up and put up, you should know that you provided the setting for a gathering of Jamie's family that has never taken place before. All of us, Jamie's siblings, as well as cousins and relatives, came together as never before. It was restorative, healing, a sweet saturation in the love of family that I have not personally known in a long, long time.
I should have friends like you.

May God repay you.

His peace to every heart,