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Jamie Chez


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Comment from: Timothy Bednarz [Visitor]
My name is Tim Bednarz. I was and I still am a true friend of Jamie's. I have been since the 70's in Minnesota.

Even when our life's changed which caused us to not see each other as much, or made it hard for us to speak to each other on a daily basis. I know we were always as close as we were when we first met in Minnesota. The place where we we both began to share with each other our passion for music and where we began our life long arguements in jest....over music. :-)

I miss you Jamie very much. You were my partner in the music world. Both you and I came to California to "make it" You were one of my idols.

It breaks my heart to know there is pain right now for his loved ones. For his family. For his friends. Jamie would have hated to know there was pain because of him. Jamie it is not because of you that there is pain. It is because you are not here...that's why it hurts.

I hope I can make down there to be a part of Jamie's last musical experience here in this realm. I know he is with the legends of music right now. Being a part of the greatest jam session ever!

I miss you Jamie my brother. I hope to see you on the other side my friend.

God Bless

Timothy J. Bednarz
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Comment from: Janeen Rae Heller [Visitor]
Every encounter with Jamie felt of essence...essential and real. Never trite, never meaningless- always very present, full of spirit, depth and good humor.
I like most of you upon the news, cried all night and longed for someone to talk to about Jamie . It was too late at night to call any one, so I talked to the very best person-Jamie. I really felt him accessible and present to hear, just as he was in life.
It is a comfort to learn more about him, read all your experiences with him, and about your feelings for him.
I wish I had more time with Jamie. I have some messages he recently left on my machine asking me to come hear a saw player he knew of and thought I would like to hear. So much regret that I didn't go! I thought I'd have more time-years to experience his wonderful presence, as we all thought we did.
Jamie made me feel seen and heard as a person and as a musician. He really did listen and shared so beautifully. I know he made many people feel that way.What a genuine gift he had. . He once left a song on my machine and I was amazed-had to listen over and over again.It wasn't just good, It was really special. I only knew of his drumming up until that point. I hope some of you have music on c.d. or videos to share. I would cherish that!
Jamie, What a great loss. I miss you and am sad for not getting to know you better. Your family and friends will help me do that. Blessings and love to you always.

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Comment from: MOM Janet E . Schember [Visitor]
THERE IS NO SUNSHINE WHEN HE'S GONE He gave me hope. The light from my candle is out.
45 years ago I felt a slight flibber. It was little drummer boy James Bradley, emerging, looking more like a Jamie. He was so "bright", his first word being "cookie" I had hoped for "mama" He was magnetic and mesmerizing.
Jamie's little legs were so short Dad(Marty)wanted to carry him up the steps to his crib to drum away. Marty purchased his first drum sticks&pad. Later,he established a savings fund, showed him the monthly interst so that when he was ready, Jamie could feel the pride of buying his first drum set.
Thanksgiving Day 2005, he said to me,"Mom, no Hollywood hugs,I want the real thing" While napping after dinner, Nova and I played This Little Piggy Went To Market With His toes. He didn't even care.
Christmas Eve 2005 Erica's voice said,"Jamie's not breathing" I collapsed, paralyzed. Marty sank to the chair,"but it's my turn to go" Cheri's terrified voice said "Mom, he's gone, he's your baby, I'm so sorry, Mom" The stabbing pain was unbearable,I was mortally wounded.
I begged God to give Jamie my breath, I pleaded with Him to take my life and trade it for Jamie to have and hold.
Who authorized this? Who gave final approval? Certainly not Jamie, he would have emailed me with Tips on Surviving The Death of Your Youngest Child. He always insisted I was a strong woman. I tugged at my coping skills, nothing.
We made Christmas Day for the children. We laughed, tore open gifts, giggled, ate, listened to music, built a fire, sang Happy Birthday To Jesus, stepped out of sight of the little ones to sob.
I saw Jamie's soul in my eyes in the mirror,I saw him in Nova's eyes when she said, "Gramma, my daddy is very very sick in the hospital, and he's YOUR baby" I felt him in Cheri's loving home and in her extra long, tight hug. I hear him now in Joey's voice, feel him now in Marty's and Mark's touch.
I visited Jamie at Hollywood Forever on Santa Monica Blvd. Thurs.Jan 5th, 2006. I felt the stubble of his beard. I stroked his cute hair cute. Yes, he is my son, so little left. I kissed him, kissed Cheri's beautiful flowers on him, kissed Nova's little butterfly and flower drawings to go with him. They say I touched the wrapping for his soul and spirit. I said "sleep tight mother's little lamb, prepare a place for your mother, home is where you are"
We are all connected by the spidery web of life. He lives on in all of you, all of us. Maybe, there is sunshine when he's gone.
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Comment from: Dug Mug [Visitor] · http://www.mugmusic.com
My name is Dug Mug I'm a bassist who played a gig with Jamie on Thursday Dec 22 in Redondo Beach.I never met Jamie prior to this and he came highly recomended. He was filling in for our regular drummer.When I got to the gig Jamie was there, already set up and had a great vibe about him.Sandals on his feet and long hair, my kind of drummer. The biggest smile I will never forget. He helped me forget my small worries and issues.He told me he was a huge Neil Pert fan and he was from Minnesota.He asked me what kind of music we would be doing that night, I told him "some blues,funk,rock and ALOT of Jimi Hendrix" he said "Oh man, I can sing Little Wing" So when the time came we started the song and I handed my mic to him he sang his ass off! When he started with the first line "Well she's walking, through the clouds" The entire club stopped what they were doing and listened.I can honestly say he owned that song. After I said tell me your name again? He smiled and said It's Jamie Chezz man' so I yelled out Jamie Chezz on Drums and Vocals everybody! The place went nuts.Jamie I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to you that night, although I wanted to. There are no goodbye's between friends. I'm honored to have played with you and to have met you.The service yesterday was beautiful,I look forward to seeing you in Heaven.I will never hear or play that song again without thinking of you.
Until next time' your bro.
Dug Mug Swanson
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Comment from: Michael J. Sanchez, Jamie's oldest brother [Visitor]
Thank you Everyone who performed at the Celebration of Jamie's Life. Michael Sherwood, you gave away two boxes of TANGLETOWN. I thought that was such a generous gesture. Some time ago I read an interview with Michael by Julius Robinson about TANGLETOWN:

"Q: Your new record is called TANGLETOWN.... What does that mean?

MS: TANGLETOWN was something Jamie [Chez], our drummer, said when we were putting together Jimmy Haun's studio. He looked at the wires, he said "Tangletown." He being from Minnesota, I didn't realize that was an area of St. Paul. It sounded like a song title. I wrote [the album's title track] around the idea, like a tour guide taking you around this weird place and
pointing out all the craziness. It's a metaphor for L.A., for the music business, and my twisted group of friends. Most of them worked on the record, a parade of real talent from my world."

I can't express adequately how cool it was that all of you put this together for our brother. We learned about Jamie from you, from your anecdotes and songs and tears. That's a gift that can never be repaid. For my part, I can only offer a forever gratitude.

Joey and all of you who did all the work and set up and cleaned up and put up, you should know that you provided the setting for a gathering of Jamie's family that has never taken place before. All of us, Jamie's siblings, as well as cousins and relatives, came together as never before. It was restorative, healing, a sweet saturation in the love of family that I have not personally known in a long, long time.
I should have friends like you.

May God repay you.

His peace to every heart,

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Comment from: mike stark [Visitor] · http://sherrinmike
A glimpse from the past....Vintage 1976. Growing up with Jamie and going to A.V.H.S. We live our life on the 4th & 5th level of his house, with brothers Bob, Mark and friends. I thought we had the world by the balls, yet we learned so much. Jamie was the most in touch with his emotions. Has gave me so much insight into the spirit of life. Never down, always happy and upbeat. He could bring you out of a depression in a minute. Magical and carefree was his life. The world will truly miss him and how he touched us all.
Always in my heart,
Mike (& wife Sherri) Stark
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Comment from: Michael J. Sanchez [Visitor]
A couple more thoughts:
Fred, thank you for setting up this site. I left your name out of the 'thankyous' before and this has been an absolute God-send for all of us to pass information and get our feelings dealt with over this terrible loss. You are a special friend to all of us, even those you've not met.
Jamie would be so pleased to see how a hundred and some-odd total strangers have pulled together and made some good come of his passing on.
Lastly, Jamie's website is still up and running and will be maintained. I've added some photos of Jamie and Nova as well.
Jamie put the site together and I've updated it somewhat but it is basically as he originally had it. There is a BIO page that shows what my kid brother has been up to all these years. Like he told me once, "I have a great resume but that 'fame thing' is fake. I'm still taking out my own garbage and sweatin' the rent."
There's also a DOWNLOAD page with Jamie's music on it, about 20 or so songs and bits of songs that he was trying to market.
God's peace to all our hearts,

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Comment from: Charlene Stein [Visitor] · http://novusfund.org
So sorry to hear of the loss of such a beautiful person, inside and out.My heart goes out to Jamie's family.Love from MN Char
Permalink 04/25/06 @ 22:09
Comment from: Nancy Pelton [Visitor]
I knew Jamie a lifetime ago it seems. Back in junior high school. I have never forgotten him. Junior high kids can be really mean. That was a time in my life when a lot of kids were really mean to me, not Jamie, he always treated me with kindness, and was never worried about what other people would think and I have never forgotten that. I had not seen him or talked to him in almost 30 years, but when I read that he had left this life I was very sad, But I am also very happy for him for all he accomplished in this life and his beautiful family!!!!!

Thankyou Jamie!

Permalink 06/19/06 @ 21:44
Comment from: Christine Sowden [Visitor]
I was feeling a bit sentimental and was going through photo albums from 20 years ago and came across a drummer who was going to "make it big someday". His name was Jamie Chez and he lived in the apt building in Mpls that my husband and I were caretakers of. He came to my 21 year old daughter's first birthday party and spent a lot of time at our place talking and goofing around. I decided to see today if he "made the big time" and found this website. I can't tell you how sorry I am for your loss. When I knew him way back, he was a very light hearted spirit and I loved being around him. Heaven will certainly be blessed with his presence there. God bless.

Christine, Minneapolis
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Jamie Chez

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  • A sad announcement

    My Friends,
    With great sadness I am contacting you to inform you of the passing of our dear friend Jamie Chez. He passed away suddenly in his sleep on December 24th.
    As of today, very little is known as to the cause but all indicators point to a sudden natural trauma.
    This sudden, unimaginable loss has put many in shock and has left no room for understanding. He was a great human being and the best friend anyone could ever have. He was the kindest, gentlest, most harmless person I have ever known and I will miss him dearly.
    Please share this information with those who he may have touched.
    There will be services for those of you who wish to show your respects and a benefit to celebrate his life and help aid in the hardship this has put on his wife and daughter.
    I will be contacting you again with more information.

    May we all share his spirit forever.

    Joey Finger


What you can do

  • What you can do

    Hello everyone,

    I know we all feel a big hole in our hearts, especially on New Years Eve, as we celebrate getting through another year. Unfortunately, we must enter this new one without our dear friend Jamie Chez. I imagine that the loss we feel must be miniscule compared to how deeply it will be felt by his family, not only now, or next week, but also next year, and in the years after. There will be so many things missed now by his loving wife Cheri and daughter Nova, the light of his life.

    We have set up a PayPal account that goes directly to Cheri, and will be setting up a fund for Nova, for the future, which will not only accept one time donations, but also, hopefully, yearly donations as well.

    We can all help Jamie's family get through this tragedy by letting them concentrate on the healing, so please donate generously by going to http://www.novasfund.org and clicking on the SEND A DONATION button.

    You may also send your donations directly to:
    Cheri Wells-Chez
    5228 1/2 Village Green
    Los Angeles, CA 90016

    We all feel so helpless in times like these. Here's something we can do that will make a difference. I can only imagine he'd do the same for us.

    We love you Jamie.

    Fren Asken



  • Service for Jamie

    Important Update: TIME CHANGE FOR SERVICE
    The address for the Memorial Service & Concert:
    3838 S. CENTINELA AVE.  (cross street is Venice Blvd.)
    LA   CA    90066
    Parking lots available on the North and South sides of the Vineyard; overflow parking available at the McBride School...there will be signage.
    We have the chapel from 1:30 - 4:30p.m. 
    Schedule of events. . .
    set - up patio and chapel at 1p.m.
    Memorial Service:  1:30 - 2:00 in chapel
    exit to patio for a special surprise at 2:10
    break on patio for refreshments/etc. from 2:10 - 2:30
    Benefit Concert from 2:30 - 4:15
    exit/clean up chapel 4:15
    clean - up patio from 4:30 to 5:30
    (water is the only beverage allowed in the chapel)
    *  Those wishing to bring food/beverages (NON ALCOHOLIC only)and/or set up; please contact Gailyn at gailynmaddis@aol.com  
    **  Anyone interested in performing should contact Joey at jfdrums@aol.com 
    ***Anyone interested in clean up; please contact Bruce at rideon1@hotmail.com


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    Too much spam. If you'd like to post, please write me at admin@novasfund.org.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    We miss you everyday, Jamie.



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