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Jamie Chez - A sad announcement

Post details: A sad announcement


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A sad announcement

My Friends,
With great sadness I am contacting you to inform you of the passing of our dear friend Jamie Chez. He passed away suddenly in his sleep on December 24th.
As of today, very little is known as to the cause but all indicators point to a sudden natural trauma.
This sudden, unimaginable loss has put many in shock and has left no room for understanding. He was a great human being and the best friend anyone could ever have. He was the kindest, gentlest, most harmless person I have ever known and I will miss him dearly.
Please share this information with those who he may have touched.
There will be services for those of you who wish to show your respects and a benefit to celebrate his life and help aid in the hardship this has put on his wife and daughter.
I will be contacting you again with more information.

May we all share his spirit forever.

Joey Finger


Comment from: bytemonster [Member]
I received the message above from Joey Finger on Dec 27th and proceeded to cry my eyes out. It just doesn't seem real...or right...it's just out of the realm of possiblility. Unfortunately it is our new reality.

Life can be a cruel friend, but it goes on and we have to remember the things we can do to make it better, so in that spirit I've created this website where we can share our feelings and do what we can to help his family in these tough times as well as in the future. We're going to set up some sort of fund for his wife and daughter and have a benefit to get things rolling. We'll let you know when that starts coming into view.

In the mean time, please send us an email so we can keep you informed.

So, keep the faith, and...

we miss you already Funk Monk. We'll try to do right by you.

Fren Asken
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Comment from: Christopher Allis [Visitor]
A small club in Syracuse NY, a band on stage, me in the audience. I dug what I saw and actually worked up the courage after the show to introduce myself to the drummer. That drummer was Jamie Chez. My initial thoughts - cool guy, great drummer, he's 'living it' - just like I'm doing and want to be doing more. I told him I was moving out to LA and he gave me his number to look him up. He seemed genuinely serious about it too. When I got out here I called him and to my surprise he not only remembered me, but invite me out to see musicians that over time would be come some of my nearest and dearest friends.

The news of Jamie's passing has left me numb and sad. It doesn't make sense. I wish I could express more eloquently in words what I feel now and how I will always feel about Jamie. He was the 'hub' for me. My fairy god father. An older brother who looked out for the kid and gave him a much needed push. Jamie would call me 'mini-vinnie' (after my favorite drummer) because my playing and my look reminded him of me (a compliment I never felt I lived up to). He was a mensch in every respect of the word. EVERYONE I know, all of my gigs and musical experiences... even my girlfriend; can all be traced back to Jamie. His was a life of fun and love and music and I can think of no better way to honor that life or spirit than to continue to do what we all love and are passionate about. Jamie's passing is a sad reminder of the impermanence of our time here. His voice and smile and heart live on though in all of us that knew him.

To my rhythm brother: I already miss you immensely. I know you're watching all of us that knew you and cared about you. We will do our best to do right by your spirit.

To Cheri and Nova - my heart goes out to you both at this difficult time. You are in my thoughts.

Love and Respect,
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Comment from: Gina and Gary myrick [Visitor]
Gary and I received this shocking and devastating news on Wednesday December 28th. There are no words
to describe how it feels... I have known Jamie since we were about 15 years old. We grew up together
and went through all the requisite
ups and downs that all of us do in
trying to find ourselves and our
place in life. I am sure that all
who knew him will have beautiful
memories of him and great stories
to tell. My husband Gary and I saw
him about 3 weeks ago when he popped in to say "Hello" one evening. We had many laughs that
night remembering the old days and
I felt that he seemed, happy, healthy and in great spirits. We
feel truly blessed to have had this last chance to see him and we
thank for God for it. Jamie, you
will never be forgotten by all those that knew and loved you...

Gina Felicetta Myrick
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Comment from: bytemonster [Member]
Here is the latest email from Joey...

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to keep the lines open on news and information. I thank you for all of your kind words and I have relayed them to Jamie's family. They are just now starting to put the pieces together. The Holidays have delayed this process for obvious reasons. The County Coroner has yet to determine the cause of death and no plans can be solidified until that takes place. With the current status in mind a funeral would be held the first or second week of January in the Los Angeles area. I will continue to send updates as they come in and make sure to give you as much notice as possible.
It is my intention to put together a musical Celebration of Jamie's Life to help benefit his family and try to provide a future for his Wife and Daughter. I will be looking to some of you for help and would like to start by asking for any location ideas or sponsors for food and musical gear. Bring your experiences with you and share a story or a song.
There is also a web site that will be designed to accept donations online. www.novasfund.org The account is being set up now and will be available shortly.
Some of you have asked how this happened. I will try to give you a brief explanation of what I have been told.
At about 3:00 am on the 24th, Jamie's wife Cheri was awakened by erratic breathing/snoring that sounded abnormal for Jamie. She tried to wake him and was unable to. She dialed 911 and began to follow the procedures as directed by the 911 operator. Having just taken a CPR course, she was prepared and began to administer CPR when his breathing stopped. In minutes the Emergency team was there and took over. They tried to revive him with all known means and transported him to the hospital. After hours of trying, they were unable to get a pulse or respiration and he was pronounced dead. It is believed that he was already shutting down at home in his sleep and nothing could have saved him.
I know we all share in this. He touched us all with his smile and live and let live style. I choose to believe that his spirit was needed on the other side and knowing that he is there removes any fear I may have had. We will be together again.


his friend and yours,

Joey Finger
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Comment from: Michael Sherwood [Visitor] · http://www.shecktones.com
Jamie, my dear departed friend.

What can I say?

We shared so much music ,so much love ,so much laughter together. You were an integral part of what I consider to be the most important musical period in my life. You brought so much to the table. I will never forget you for it my brother. Swingo Farr, Funk Monk, Svatanow Wattinabe, Chez Chez. Thank you for all of your love and light.

My last memory of you was staying up 'till the wee hours of the morning after my Halloween Party around the piano just singing, laughing and reminiscing. It was so beautiful, Man.

So beautiful!

Thank you for your undying spirit and dedication.

I will miss you so.

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Comment from: Gary Myrick [Visitor]
Dear Jamie,I know God let us see each other and say goodbye 2 weeks ago.You came by and we played a joke, you hiding from Gina when she came home.We talked late that night.Had a beer.We covered a lot of history and funny times.It doesnt make sense.Gina and i are in a fog.We had some great laughs,traveled up the coast,made a rockin album,went to Texas,and much more.It must be true God needed you on the other side.You were healthy,things were going good.You were talking about moving to Austin.Your lovely family.Nova ,the light of your life.You were way too young to go my friend.Gina and I love you and will never forget.God Bless You,Gary
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Comment from: C.C. White [Visitor] · http://www.ccwhite.com

You were one of the good ones. An amazing heart, loving father, huge love of music, a kick ass musician, a love of life, and your sense of humor was just all originally you.

Michael we'll all share that last memory of Jamie in your living room, singing with us by the fireplace. In my heart I now understand why that time felt so special to those that were there.

You never really know do you? When your last day will be? As Joey said...tell someone you love them, as often as you can and MAKE SURE that person, or persons, knows it.

What can I say? When I read Mich's email, I reread your name over and over again trying to comprehend what I was actually seeing. Then...I cried for almost 2 hours straight. I emailed Joey and asked him was there some sort of mistake? He called me the next morning and told me that it was true. I then called your voicemail and put your outgoing message on tape to forever play it back and remember you.

As I sit here listening to Shecky's "Miscommunication Super Highway", "Jamie Stance" and the one of a kind vocal stylings of you Jamie, "Funk Monk", I'm crying yet again as I've been doing everyday.

I'm guessing that heaven needed "one of the really pure ones" to help out and took you as peacefully as possible. However in my selfishness, I'm still not able to completely say goodbye yet. You were loved, admired, respected and you WILL BE missed as we all try to recover from this shocking news.

Sheree we're here if you need us. Erica thanks so much for speaking to me over the phone. Nova....Nova you beautiful incredible child, your father was made of pure love and nothing less. People that was something special that doesn't come along everyday! He was the real deal and we're all greatful that a part of Jamie will live on in you Nova.

Here's to you Jamie Chez....this hurts so much, and with pain and overwhelming grief...I'll continue to try my best to say...


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Comment from: C.C. White [Visitor] · http://www.CCWHITEc.om
Cheri....I'm so sorry for spelling your name incorrectly. I'm still completely overwhelmed, and I hope you and Nova are getting through the best you can.

Joey did mention a musical celebration for Jamie. I know that all of us will want to participate in that. Please let us know where, when and the time, and whatever you may need and we'll all be there.



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Comment from: Erica Bailey [Visitor]
My Dearest Cunado,

I was here when it happened and every moment since and I still can't believe it's true. I keep waiting for you to walk in the door and let us know it was a horrible mistake. I keep thinking of the last moments I heard your voice. When you came home from work and came in to say hello to me, Brian and Dylan. I had drifted off to sleep but reached my hand up to yours and squeezed it. But I didn't even look at you! How could I possibly know it would be my last opportunity to see your gentle face? I still can't accept that I will never again be able to look into your beautiful eyes. I am so thankful on my last trip that we spent so much time talking and that I told you how much you mean to me, how happy I was you were a part of my family.

To all of the friends here I have to say I have been truly moved by your grief. I have broken this news to a great many people and as you can imagine it has not been easy. But Jamie was loved by an OVERWHELMING amount of people and it gives me great joy to know he lived such a full life, one of love, laughs and music. For those who I have spoken to, I hope that I have expressed to you the compassion and sorrow I feel for your loss. I also hope I have been able to express how dear Jamie was to me. He was my Cunado and I will miss him so terribly.

I pray that we all find some comfort in knowing Jamie is at peace, surrounded by the love we all shared for him.


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Comment from: Kii Arens [Visitor]
I met Jamie Chez in 1989 in St. Paul, MN.
In no time he became a great friend of mine.
His generosity and gentle nature made it very easy to like him. He also cracked me up constantly with his sense of humor. Everyone who knew Jamie in the music world has great respect for him. Along with being a world class drummer, Jamie was an amazing songwriter and musician. I listen to his music regularly. My personal favorite is a song he wrote with Martini call 'Flowers & Butterflies'. I spent many wonderful hours in the studio with him and was constantly blown away by his talents. One of my fondest memories of Jamie was at Woodstock 94 trecking through the mud from stage to stage enjoying great live music. He was always the guy who would share with you everything that was his. I will miss him greatly and so will everyone who ever crossed paths with his gentle soul.

All the best,
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Comment from: Michelle Flower [Visitor]
I met Jaime through my cousin Gailyn and Joe when I visited them in L.A. in January 2004. We had a fun night while I was there, eating sushi and laughing. At the wedding in Tahoe this year, I had the honor of being in the bridal party and having the wonderful experience of spending time with all of Joe and Gailyn's wonderful family and friends which included Jaime and his beautiful daughter and wife. All of their smiles could light up any room. I have wonderful pictures on my vanity that I look at everyday to remember that beautiful experience. Even though I am far away in Ohio, looking at those pictures everyday keeps me close to Gailyn, Joe, and all of their wonderful friends. I have felt much solace since I have heard the news and want to send all of my prayers and thoughts to Jaime's family. He was a wonderful person, and I did not need to know him long to figure that out. I will be thinking about all of you daily and sending prayers of strength and love during this difficult time. With All of My love, Michelle Flower
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Comment from: Boxing Gandhis [Visitor]
Unbelievable.....that's all I can say.....shocking....I first met Jamie when we were both members of Boxing Gandhis back around 1997 - we toured around the country opening up for the Dave Matthews Band.

I remember we were having lunch at this cafe on a college campus in Wisconsin I think...I didn't know him all that well then...it was nice fall day...we were sitting by the window "people watching"..... and I couldn't help but notice his eyes and how magnetic they were. People that would walk by would get locked in his gaze by those eyes even through the window...it was truly something to see...a couple of people even stopped as they were walking by outside the window as if they recognized him or he them... seriously....it was surreal...they probably thought someone with such beautiful eyes must be famous or something...I don't know...Nova has those same beautiful eyes...what a gift.....behind those eyes were a most beutiful soul. I don't know if I ever got a chance to tell him that story....I wish I had, it probably would have embarrassed him a little that I noticed....

I saw Jamie off and on over the years since those touring days, we kept in touch by email & phone mostly, but we would also get together for playdates, birthday parties with Nova and my daughter Pilar. It was special to me that we could bring our families together like that. We kept saying we should get together more, work on music together, but the opportunity never seemed to present itself. Why do we do that ?

We almost got to do the Musicians Picnic with him this past year but he didn't think he would be able to get to the show in time...but he ended up showing up with Nova and caught the tail end of the set...

Then, Boxing Gandhis got asked to do a private party that our drummer couldn't do, a few weeks back before XMAS so I called Jamie....as luck would have it he was available so we scheduled a couple of rehearsals. He even found us a keyboard player at the last minute Ruben Valtierra. From the moment we played the first note everyone in the band was shocked at how natural it felt playing with Jamie...at the first rehearsal it was like we were back on tour, he remembered every drum fill, every stop, he played with sensitivity, dynamics and respect for the song. His groove was right on !

He made us sound better.

All I can think is what a gift to have had that opportunity one last time to make music together. My only regret now in hindsight was that I rushed off after the gig that night cuz it was late and didn't give him a proper hug goodbye.....

When I got the message that he had passed I didn't want to believe it....I cried for a good part of the day....

I like that song Flowers & Butterflies too...I will remember him with that song in mind, his eyes and his beautiful wife and daughter....

Rest in peace Jamie

Eric Fowler
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Comment from: Robert Weedman [Visitor]

It's been 3 days since I heard the terrible/shocking/unexpected news of Jamie's passing. I still can't believe it. I am going about my days this week, and it pops up in my mind..."Jamie Chez died." I am still in shock over his passing. I am so thankful I got to see/chat with Jamie one last time on Saturday October 29th, at Michael's 0MM Halloween Birthday Bash. Jamie always had a habit of showing up late to Michael's Birthday Bash each year. (Most likely gigging earlier in the evening, but Jamie always showed up.)It was so great to see Jamie. He was in great spirits that night too. He had such a great vibe about him. Always cool, and always grooving. I have lived in Nashville for 10 years, and Jamie called me a few times when he was gigging in Nashville, and I always appreciated him thinking of me enough to call. "Weedman it's Jamie...I'm in Nashville." I am REALLY going to miss Jamie and his style. Jamie was always so friendly and kind to me. I also have to say I loved Jamie's drumming and his passion for playing music. He was so into it!

Jamie...just know I am thinking about you and that I already miss you. You are going to be SO MISSED man. You will not be forgotten. I will always think of you when I play Michael Sherwood's Tangletown...especially on 'Miscommunication Super Highway'...you have such a great vocal on that.One of the best Ever! Plus your drumming throughout the disc...WOW! Goodbye my dear friend.

Robert Weedman
Nashville, TN
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Comment from: Chris Moore [Visitor]
After reading all of the wonderful words written about Jaime it only confirms my memories of him. Although I only spent just a few days with him I knew he was a kind, gentle and loving soul. We both shared a love for drums and I was really drawn to his style of playing.
Erica introduced me to her family a couple of years ago and I always enjoyed spending time with Jaime, Cheri and the Wonderful Nova.

My heart goes out to all of you. The sudden loss of a loved one is an overwhelming experience. Cheri and Nova- I am so sorry for your loss. May your hearts be light and the love of Friends and Family embrace you. May God bless you and protect you.

Your Friend,
Chris Moore

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Comment from: Stephen Torres [Visitor]
Monday afternoon (December 19, 2005) Dion, Adam and I decided to stop by CARMAX to visit Jamie before Dion hops a plane back to Las Vegas... Jamie was in great spirits as always! What a joy to see him again, he and I hadn't spoken in sometime? With that huge smile that lights the room Jamie welcomes us with big hugs! Damn it was great to see him again!!!

Our time with him was short lived that day since he was at work and we had to rush Dion off to the airport to catch a plane. But after clicking off a couple of flix of him I decided he had to join us for my other friend Adams 44th birthday celebration in Malibu the next night and he happily excepted. (thank God!)

The next afternoon Jamie calls confirming and securing directions... as I stood outside the restaurant, I reflected on our first meeting 17 years ago... Wow, 17 years gone by... so much has happened since then, although it seems just like yesterday? 7:00 p.m. Jamie rolls up in a white Mercedes "Big Pimpin!" I thought? :) I was so happy that the job was going well for him and he expressed a number of times how much he enjoyed it... I could see he was excited about the way his life was going! Since Adam, Jamie and I were the first to arrive we had some time to chat. Adam and Jamie had only just met the day before at Carmax but with Jamie you felt instantly confortable and he had plenty to say to keep the conversation lively!

Jamie continued to extent the warm honest charm he was known for to everyone throughout the evening... never missing a beat and impressing all with the deep love and affection he had for his family. I say this because all night the tattered pictures from his wallet, of his beautiful wife Cheri and loving daughter Nova, never got rest!

**To Cheri and Nova; the love Jamie expressed for you that night was ENORMOUS! If you could have seen way he held your pictures and spoke of you... he was so very proud!

After dinner Jamie stopped by Theresa and Adams house to visit for a minute before he made his way back home. I hugged him goodbye, obviously not expecting that that would be the last time we spoke?

I know that I will replay that night over and over in my head for the rest of my life, as well I should... December 20, 2005 was an awesome night for me!!!

I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Jamie's family and friends.

I also want to thank Jamie's parents for allowing us the opportunity to share in such a beautiful life!

You'll be missed JC, your were my friend and I am a better person for knowing you!!!


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Comment from: Cameron DePalma [Visitor]
Goodbye sweet FunkMonk, I sure wish we could have hit another song first. Always up, forever swinging, shining, generous, kind, there for you in a pinch, you were a lynchpin in The Loop wrapped forever around my heart. Thank you for all you gave to all of us stuck here without you now. I'd sure love to be there to pay my respects properly and say my belated goodbye, so please keep me posted.

Love always,

Cameron 650-469-3565
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Comment from: C.C. White [Visitor] · http://www.CCWHITE.com

I remember how you used to bring Nova around to say hi to us at Genghis. We would just crowd around you two and gasp in wonderment at her beauty, and spirit. The way you held her, and the precious way you used to just gaze wonderously at her just touched us all.

Nova just sat in your arms looking like she was sooooooo loved by her Daddy. Jamie you just beamed when you were with her. When she wasn't there you would bring out the latest pic of her and just say over and over....."look what Cheri and I have created,look at this gift."

The pic of you playing guitar for Nova on the front page of the website is so beautiful, but at first glance it just sent such pain through my heart I had to put my head down and not look for a moment. Then when I could look again I realized that's what you were about.. Bringing joy to your daughter, your family, working hard, loyality and your music.

There will never be another like you Jamie, and we're all so blessed to have known you.

Still trying to get used to you not being here..Funk Monk.

Still trying to figure out how to say Goodbye.


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Comment from: Scott Thomas [Visitor]
It is till a shock to all of us that Jamie is gone. I did not know Jamie from the music industry or Minneapolis. I actually knew Jamie through my wife Brenda. They were best of friends for the past 20 years. I had always heard of the antics of Jamie and Joey, but had never witnessed it first hand.

I finally met Jamie when my wife and I moved to L.A.. It was at this time we met Cheri and Nova…what a beautiful family. It was also easy to see why Bren had remained friends with Jamie for so long. He was easy going, laid back and a truly funny person. Soon, Bren and I were given the opportunity to look after Nova while Jamie and Cheri worked gigs. What a special time that was. It was obvious that her parents instilled the love that flowed from Nova.

Shortly there after we were blessed with our own daughter, Myla. Jamie, Cheri and Nova were soon their when we returned home. Some of the first pictures we have are of Nova holding Myla. Jamie told me how proud he was to be a dad and how it brought meaning to his life. His sparkling eyes beamed even brighter when he told me the story of when he first held Nova. It is one of those moments I will never forget.

My family moved to Tahoe and although sad to leave our friends in L.A., we were excited to have them come and spend quality time with us up at the Lake. Jamie, Cheri and Nova soon took us up o our offer. The week before they were to arrive, a HUGE butterfly migration flew through the area. We jokingly said that Jamie was on his way. It was great to see Jamie and Cheri out of the hustle of L.A. We watched our kids play, laughed, did a whole bunch of nothing and drank an occasional Margarita. It was at this time I realized that not only was Jamie one of my wife’s best friends, but had become one of mine too. We love you and miss you. Cheri and Nova…our hearts, friendship and love are here for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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Comment from: Tamar Asken [Visitor]
Hi Everyone,
Fren came in and woke me up Monday night to tell me the news, and I just sat there staring at him and said "WHAT???" over and over again, not able to digest the information. One of the first thoughts I had was "but that can't be, he was just over here," as if that made any difference at all. I later pulled out this beautiful picture of Jamie and Nova from our wedding 5 years ago. His million dollar smile -- the proud papa.
What a horrible tragedy. My deepest sympathies go out to his family.

I know we all want to do something to help, and as I understand it, financial contributions to his family would be greatly appreciated.
Joey and I are are working on setting up the ability to make online donations by credit card, but until that's up and running,
please send checks payable to Cheri Wells-Chez to:
Cheri Wells-Chez
5228 1/2 Village Green
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Also, John Classick has been talking with me about setting up a college fund for Nova. We're going to try and get that set up too.

Let's all be generous in both word and deed.

-Tamar Asken
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Comment from: Steve McCormick [Visitor]

Not Jamie...

I stare at this box wondering how to say it all, but then I can't, so I won't. Luckily for me Jamie had all of you too, and you will all help me complete the picture. I have some stuff I won't share, that I'll hold in my heart until my own ashes are scattered...you all do too, we were blessed to have known this guy. But I do want to share a few things I know and illuminate for ya'll the Jamie Chez I personally knew.

Jamie and I were on the same path. We both passed through Minneapolis, we both came to Los Angeles and got to play Michael Sherwood's music, we both knew and loved beautiful women, we both inevitably had beautiful daughters of our own. Nova is the same age as my girls Kiona and Colette and they became fast friends. I do not know how to tell them about Jamie's passing, the fact that Nova has lost her Daddy. I do know that they are extremely lucky to have had playtime with Nova, as I was extremly lucky to have "housed" a gig or two with the Funk Monk. I sincerly hope my girls will know Nova longer than the decade or so I knew Jamie. Nova, Cheri, we will always be there for you.

I feel like I have been robbed, not burglarized, robbed. Held up, physically assaulted, a part of my heart, and a slice of my soul ripped away.

But I'll share this: during the making of Tangletown I convinced the boys to go to Northfield, Minnesota to lay the basic tracks. Northfield, 20 miles or so from where Jamie Chez grew up. Northfield, where I went to college. Northfield, where I learned how to record music. Northfield, famous for none of that, but for having been robbed by Jesse James. There we tracked the quintessential Michael Sherwood. Listening to the playback of the drum take we had chosen for "The Thief", Jamie had a glint in his eye. A secret to tell. Did anybody hear that? No, what? Turns out Swingo had knocked one of Steve McKinstry's antique Turkish Zildian cymbals off a stand and sent it cartwheeling across the room. "We can't use that take". Oh but we could, and we did. Louie's got the resulting discussion, and Jamie's impromptu song composed to try to break it to McKinstry that the cymbal had a crack in it, on film somewhere. Time to break that footage out.

Jamie, my fingers are forever interlaced with yours.

Swing low


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Comment from: Gina Felicetta Myrick [Visitor]
As each passing day trudges by and the minutes and the hours sweep over me, pushing me reluctantly forward in time, I find my mind going over again and again all the beautiful memories and life altering events that have touched me since knowing you Jamie... Rather than relate the innumerable ways you have affected my life, (going all the way back to adoring you when we first me, at age 15, and befriending Tom Bronson, your best friend, just so I could get to know YOU and hang out with you!) what I find most beautiful and comforting is coming back to this website and reading about how many other people loved and adored you as I did. Seeing you though the hearts of others and knowing how many people you touched helps to comfort me somehow in my unending grief. What they are all saying is resoundingly true Jamie, you were one of the purest ones, and you must have been called home for a reason that is beyond our Earthly understanding... There are very few people I can think of who have left such a legacy of warmth, kindness and love behind- this more than anything shows us who you really are. I, personally, hope that I can learn something from it. Lastly, I want to extend my deepest sympathy to Jamie's entire family: Cheri, Nova-the most precious and beautiful little girl I have ever seen. We will always have a part of Jamie through you... Jan and Marty Schember, Mark Schember, Erica, I apologize for any I may have missed and if I can be of any help in ANY way in planning the benefit, please let me know. My love to you all, Gina Felicetta Myrick
Permalink 12/31/05 @ 19:41
Comment from: Bob McCormick [Visitor]
I met Jaime on numerous, and intense occasions through his work as a drummer with my brother, Steve. He played and stayed with us at our sister's wedding, and joined Steve and Michael Sherwood frequently when Steve's band toured. I will always remember Jamie as the kindest soul, ever approachable, and always with a positive story, influence, or act given to me and those with whom he interacted. I will miss his laugh, his grooves, his infectious spirit. He was the best.

Bob McCormick
Permalink 12/31/05 @ 20:30
Comment from: Stanley Behrens [Visitor]
Dear Cheri,I can only imagine the pain you must feel by this great tragedy. Jamie was a friend and one of the best drummers I ever worked with. I too have a young daughter and my heart goes out to you and Nova. Why does life seem to be so unfair? Jamie had so much to look forward to. I could see the love and bond that Jamie and Nova had for each other and it hurts me deep in my heart to see that go. I really do not know what else I can say to make the situation any better. I will always keep Jamie's sprit alive in my heart and I will miss him dearly..........Stanley Behrens
Permalink 01/01/06 @ 00:45
Comment from: bytemonster [Member]
Update from Joey...

Hello Everyone,
In all my grief I feel compelled to give what little comfort that may come from the sharing of information about how this could have happened and what is being done to bring it to closure. As of today, there is still no confirmation of the cause of Jamie's death from the County Coroners office and it may take some time before it is determined. A condition called "Sleep Apnea" is a potential cause they are researching. After extensive testing they have finally agreed to release him to the funeral home next week so plans are now taking form.
There will be no viewing. It was his wish to be a donor and to be cremated, a giving soul to the end. This allows time to plan an event worthy of our beloved friend. A ceremony for all to attend is being planned for the commitment of his soul to rest and the spreading of the ashes on a freshly planted tree. This tree is to act as his memorial for friends and family alike.
Immediately following the ceremony a musical Celebration of Life is to take place complete with performances by some of the amazing talents that Jamie has worked with over the years. I urge you all to bring a story or an experience, pictures or video, a song, or a prayer to share. "Flowers and Butterflies" will be our theme for this event so please bring one or the other with you to help decorate the room and surround us with his favorite things.
I would ask that any that would be willing to bring food or musical gear as well as those who wish to perform to step forward.
I will work endlessly to give you the dates, times, and places as soon as possible.
Donations will be accepted at the benefit or can be immediately sent by visiting the web site www.novasfund.org and clicking on the "make a donation" button. Cheri is in need of funds to help with the funeral costs so please give what you can.

As for our friend Jamie,

He touched us all.

He was my best friend.

It is true he has passed from this world but he has not left my side. He will remain with all of us who choose to welcome his spirit.

And may his spirit improve your life like it has mine.


Joey Finger
Permalink 01/01/06 @ 05:39
Comment from: Damon Devins [Visitor]
I met JC at CarMax just 6 months ago when I moved to Los Angeles. JC was just one of those guys that was warm and would welcome you with open arms. He was the guy everyone knew throughout the store and loved.
He was always willing to listen and was a close friend to all.

It has been hard for each of us at CarMax to believe that JC is no longer going to come through that front door and light up our lives.

We all know there was a greater need for him somewhere else and long for the day we will be with him again.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

We love you and miss you JC!
Permalink 01/01/06 @ 13:08
Comment from: James Patterson [Visitor]
What a terrible loss.

I played a lot of shows with James, as I called him. We did a lot of out-of-towners in Ventura and San Luis Obispo -- he'd come over to my place in Hollywood, and we'd load up my truck with his drums and my bass rig. Somehow, we'd make it all fit.

He'd always bring this cassette tape of The Meters with him to play while we drove. We'd laugh about how Zigaboo sounded like he was gonna fall off his throne any time now, and marvel about how loud the bass was in the mix.

Jamie coined the phrase "Chick Rock" on one of those trips, cracking me up. I'd hit him with a "Joke Tax" every time he re-told the one about the "Definitelys." It was always great playing with him and hanging with him for the hours on the freeway. We'd play, have a beer, and head home yakking and laughing the whole way. My voice was usually hoarse the next morning.

Man, I'm gonna miss him.

Permalink 01/02/06 @ 04:16
Comment from: Paul Peterson [Visitor]
My buddie -
My room mate for a short time in the HOT valley -
I find it so hard to believe that you are gone.
It was always us - Joey, Howard, you and me - hanging hard!
The brotherhood...

You always had a smile on your face - ready to hang -always willing to help -

Such good times we've had, my brother -
It was always so sweet to see how proud you were of your family - how you strived to make it all make sense.
Since I have 2 girls a little older than Nova - it was cool to watch you fall in love with being a father -

I will miss the hangs - the talks - the bonding you, Joey, Howard and I always had.

To Cheri and Nova -
The whole Peterson Family lifts you up - we are praying for you, and PLEASE know you can count on us for ANYTHING.
Jamie was our brother, and it is our duty to make sure you are taken care of.

The Paul Peterson Family
Permalink 01/02/06 @ 13:48
Comment from: Gloria Slaughter [Visitor] · http://www.washingtongrass.com
Not many of Jamie's kin left . . . but I'm one of them. An east coast cousin . . . second, third, once or twice removed, who knows . . . no matter. I'm someone who knows his mom Janet, and dad Marty, and how they must be grieving for their precious Jamie. I know that Clyde & Gerry have welcomed him with a martini and open arms . . . in that order : )

All my love,

Gloria Slaughter & Family
Greensboro, Georgia
Permalink 01/02/06 @ 15:08
Comment from: Juliana DiMaggio Diaz [Visitor]
Like so many of you, I am greatly saddened by the loss of our dear friend Jamie. Though we didn't see each other all that much of late, Jamie and I were good friends, close friends, and I loved him dearly. It really still hasn't sunk in that he is actually gone from this earth. But, I know that it must have been his time to go, and I can't question the reason. I am thankful that I have so many good memories of the Funkmonk. When Jamie walked into a room, everyone knew it. He was, as he might have said "Too hip for the room" and a "show cat" at heart. He had so many nick names in our loop of friends, and that is always a sign of being loved and being cherished. He had such a big heart. He loved life, music, and most of all his beautiful daughter Nova, and it was as simple as that. He always had a kind word for me when I needed it, and, since I recently got married, we had even more things to discuss. He was always willing to offer up his experience in an effort to help me and he ALWAYS had a joke that could make me laugh. I will miss that so much, and will miss him dearly.

I am now just trying to remember all his one liners and all our inside jokes, because I know that he wouldn't want me to sit around and be too sad about his passing. He touched my life, and I am a better person for it. Though I would bring him back if I could, I do feel better that he is up there watching over us all. I wish I could do more to help.

I ask that everyone who can donates what they can to help his lovely wife Cherie and his beautiful daughter Nova.

Jamie, I love you and miss you painfully!!!!! I just wish that I could hear you call me "HIPS" one more time.

Juliana DiMaggio Diaz
Studio City, CA
Permalink 01/02/06 @ 15:46
Comment from: Robin Bissell [Visitor]
I did not get the news, until this morning (Jan 2nd), that a man whom i admired and made me smile would not be with us to start this new year.

It has been a number of years since i've seen Jamie, or heard that voice. And while all of our lives move on and take different shapes, there are those lasting moments that remain imprinted on our hearts and minds. Jamie Chez imprinted many on mine.

I sit here and the emotions run deep. The joy which brought to music probably pales to the joy he brought to fatherhood.

It is most telling to me that i feel this much sorrow about an old friend that i've not seen in nearly 5 years. the reason? it seems like yesterday.

Playing music with Jamie Chez was like... "...Walking on Water"

I'll never forget you, Jamie.


Permalink 01/02/06 @ 15:58
Comment from: Beth & Zack Odén [Visitor] · http://www.NorthernStarProductions.com
I am at such a loss for words. The memories all flooding into my mind like the winds that blow and sparkle like diamond glints on snow. We got to spend alot of time with Jamie, either in Aspen, in LA with Howard & Joey and even in Phoenix when he came for a gig. A proud new Papa, he showed pictures of Nova to anyone who would look. For the longest time, one such photo graced my fridge and I can still hear him talk about what a gift she was to his life.

I share this poem with you all in hopes us all see Jamie in the stars that shine at night.

Namaste -

Beth & Zack Odén

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.

I am the song that will never end.
I am the love of family and friend.
I am the child who has come to rest
In the arms of the Father who knows him best.

When you see the sunset fair,
I am the scented evening air.
I am the joy of a task well done.
I am the glow of the setting sun.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
(Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die!)
Permalink 01/02/06 @ 23:14
Comment from: Dion Torres [Visitor]

It has taken me a couple of days, and quite a few tries at writting this letter....I can't get past the thought of you not being here.
I stare at the screen trying to come up with words to discribe how I feel, but I can't seems to find the right words.

You have been my friend for as long as I can remember, and I'm not ready for that to end.

I am not ready to say goodbye....

So I'll say - I miss you.

Permalink 01/02/06 @ 23:27
Comment from: Kent Lehnen [Visitor]

I have started and stopped this letter numerous times. I'm not sure why I'm even writing. I guess I feel like I need to reach out to you. Gail called me Christmas Eve Morning and broke the news. I still find it hard to believe. So many memories. What, we've known each other since the 10th grade. I went over to Marks. It was so surreal.

Remember when we ran away together when we were 16? You wanted to take your drums with then! It was a great adventure and memory among many. You knew back in the day that you would make music your passion. That is until you became a Daddy. I remember when we went out to eat and sat for 3-4 hours talking when Cheri was expecting Nova. You were wondering if you could be a good Dad. Well, I told you it would be magical, and you found it to be true. It is times like when I stayed with you and Cheri when Nova was a baby, and we just hung out, went to the car show, and Cheri made us sandwiches that I wish we lived closer so that I could of shared more of that area of your life.

I feel so bad for your parents. I can't imagine losing a child. We had the pleasure and memories of knowing you and it is a huge lost, but that is a pain I hope I never experience.

It is the thought of Nova, that breaks my heart. There are not words or thoughts that bring me comfort in that regard. I know your friends will be there to support Cheri and Nova the best we can.

So much of whats happened the past week seems so wrong.....

It is in your spirit that I see the love coming together. Thanks for the the example, and thanks for the memories.

Love yea Jamie. God Bless.

Permalink 01/03/06 @ 00:17
Comment from: Mark William Sanchez Schember [Visitor]
Jamie was my brother. I have been looking at pictures of us when we were kids, reading the words on here of his friends and searching the memories of him throughout the years and talking with his friends. Through this process I have become even more proud of him them I always have been. The impact he had on our lives will live with us forever. He was a Good Soul.
My loss of him at first made me feel like I could not continue to live without him. I have needed him so much throughout the years and he has been with me to provide Love and support that at times he literally gave me the reason to keep going on when I felt no one else but him cared.
I know now that as some days have passed that he lives as Spirit and the memories of him are enough too sustain me. Reading these words on this site have given me such a broader view of his interaction with all of you, his friends felt his love and giving. You felt his joy and his humour and knew he was a friend. I am so glad that he touched so many people, we were truely blessed to have been given the priveledge of knowing this man. Let us continue to love him and honor him with our memories.
Too few people in my life have made me feel as good as he made me feel.
Now after reading all of these comments I feel an immense pride about him. He was one of a kind. People throughout his life saw that about him and I could not possibly recall how many times people asked "So hows your brother Jamie doing?" People just naturally took to him.
Jamie and I were the only two children of our Mother and Father, although we have step brothers and sisters and half brothers and sisters. Even though we weren't exactly the same he was the only one like me. Because of this I feel that I can now relate somewhat to what a twin feels like when the other dies; my soul feels drained-empty becuase of his loss.
But now it is is being filled again by my memories of him and my love and pride for him.
Thank you all for the memories written here, I look forward to meeting you at the Memorial Service and Benifit Concert.

Moki Chez
Permalink 01/03/06 @ 00:55
Comment from: Greg Rapp (Dudeman) [Visitor]
So here I sit....

I was on the road, on my way out of town for New Years, when I heard the news of Jaimes passing. All the good times we shared together flashed before my eyes in an instant.
This is the man who gave me the nickname that more people know me by than my real name! In the relativily short time I lived in LA,(Just over a year), we did so much! All the car trips around LA together, The NAMM show, the Michael Sherrwood gigs (still some of the best music I've ever been a party to witnessing), being at kokoro chicken when we found out that Tony Williams had passed, the dinners at gengis, schleping my drums all over gods green earth for twenty bucks and a hang, a certain party at the Mondrian, and just the vibe that was always so pure and filled with love.

That year I spent in LA was one of the hardest I have ever experienced, frought with insecurities, financial problems, and heart ache. While I'm sure he sensed this, he always went out of his way to make sure that I was included. If there was a gig, he'd be sure to invite me. If there was a hang, he'd let me know. At a time in my life that was probably the loneliest I've ever had to endure, his kindness to an ackward 23 year old made all the difference. I'll never have the chance to really thank him like I should have. Shit.

I'm stuck here in Chicago, so I can't make it out for the funneral, but know he will always be in my heart, and give my best to his beautiful wife and daughter that I have never ahd the pleasure of meeting. I hope all find a path through the grief of this crushing loss.
Peace, Greg
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Comment from: Kim King [Visitor]
We unfortunately, did not know Jamie like his many buddies and his brother who have written above. His life has obviously touched many other lives and he is obviously loved by many. We've had the pleasure of getting to know Novia and Cheri in recent years - and Jamie, through them. I can't believe he won't be picking Novia up from her playdate with Sami...or that he won't be at Novia's 7th birthday party...(I even met his parents at her 6th)...or that we won't see him picking her up at the school...or we won't see him and Cheri walking arm and arm to pick her up together...but I know he'll be there in spirit... He seemed to have a marvelous sense of humor...and a special twinkle in his eyes...One that can be seen in the eyes of his beautiful daughter. Cheri and Novia, we are here for you...anytime, anyplace, any reason; don't hesitate to call! You three are special and we love you. Our deepest, heartfelt sympathy goes out to you two, Moki, their parents and all of Jamie's loved ones. With Love, Kim, Sami, Franki & Mike King Culver City, CA
Permalink 01/03/06 @ 03:09
Comment from: Colleen Malone Engel [Visitor]
I had only met Jamie a couple of times, like Kim I knew him through our daughters' school. I'd sometimes see him dropping Novia off in the morning or coming to pick her up. It's mostly Cheri I know and even that is recent, since our girls have different classses, but recently became Brownies and Cheri is their may I say amazing and beautiful troop leader.

We really only had one brief conversation, but I can see what people mean about his kindness. I'm grateful for this site that has been set up, because like everyone else I feel at such a loss and want to do something. I read the comments written by such good friends of his and his brother - I am so deeply sorry for all who have lost such an obviously wonderful man in their lives!

My heart goes out to Cheri and Novia - I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. And to Jamie's parents and brother Moki - what a lovely tribute you wrote. Cheri, may the love and light you always radiate surround you and may God bless you and shelter you now. I'll wait to know how I can help out in any way.

Love, Colleen, Michael & Katy
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Comment from: Martina [Visitor]
There seems no way to write something like this and it seems we all have similar feelings beginning by staring at a blank page. Grief is such an overwhelming and unrelenting emotion. Thinking about Jamie´s beauty is the only thing that softens the continous waves of this storm. So it is, that these are the things that I think about while I try to keep it all together...
Jamie was gentle in spirit with a heart so big he could fit the world inside,
honest to himself and others he was never afraid to speak the truth even if it scared him or was not easy to say,
he had great times and bad times never boasting nor being embarrassed, he was modest and able to hold his head up even when things were hard,
an amazing friend, he was also able to hold a hand, listen with openness, open his heart, his home, his time and his life to all,
he lived his life on his terms but was also able to balance that with his gift of giving, never losing himself but always making each person he knew feel special,
he encouraged each person he knew to pursue their dreams and supported that without question--you were not going to be a singer, you ARE a singer, not going to be a writer, you ARE a writer,
his laugh was magic and would carry a room to joy,
his talent for saying exactly the wrong thing at the right time has made for a million moments of suprised laughter and joy,
no one could laugh at themselves and freely as Jamie,
a master of nicknames, he has never called anyone by any name other than the one he gave them himself,
never able to master the art of time, only Jamie could escape the wrath of a person waiting two or three hours for him by innocently saying, "I was working on a groove",
never has a judgement passed his lips- even in frustration Jamie was fair and calm.
"People are going to do what they are going to do" he would say. Simple but real. He knew that the key to life was not trying to control everything.
He was carefree in living but always loyal-once he gave his heart to his friends or family it was forever,
he was a devoted, loving, adoring father who never stopped being amazed daily by the beautiful little girl that he and Cheri created--his heart beats in hers eternally,
He would tell me that I should be the solid for his liquid or the liquid to his solid but that we could not both be liquid at the same time. Very good advice. I am just wondering which one am I supposed to be now?
I miss you Butterfly...
Permalink 01/03/06 @ 11:56
Comment from: Jackie Subeck [Visitor]
I must say, I'm still in shock. My good friend Jamie is no longer with us and I just can't believe it. Ever since I found out the day after Christmas, very few moments have passed by where I haven't reflected on the wonderful times we shared together. Playing music, dripping blood (from his shattered car window) all over my carpet, having a beer (or 2 or 3), grooving at NAMM with Earth Wind & Fire, randomly running into Joey & Jamie at Sundance, shots at BB Kings, and the best part, when Jamie would show up at my place, unannounced of course, and we'd hang out and talk for hours and hours about life and our dreams. He told me many times how he always wanted to get into the winery business so much that I really thought he'd actually do it. Jamie was a one-of-a-kind guy and it just baffles me that I'm not going to hear his voice anymore. I miss you terribly Jamie and will never,ever forget you.
My deepest sympathies go out to Cheri and Nova. I know how much he loved you both and how happy he was to have you as his family.
We're all so lucky to have had the privilege to know and love such a wonderful man as Jamie.
Permalink 01/03/06 @ 14:56
Comment from: Susan Peterson [Visitor]
Dearest Cheri & Novia,
Our prayers are with you. Like Coleen, I met Jamie once at school when he came to pick up Nova. Mrs. Eskridge had let her class out a couple of minutes early and Jamie hadn't arrived yet. Roxie, my daughter and Nova's classmate, and I waited with Nova until her dad arrived. When he walked through the doors, the light that lit up inside Novia was beautiful and made me so happy. I love seeing children light up like that - it brings joy to those around.
Love to Cheri, Novia and all who loved the man who brought such joy to this world.
-Susan Peterson
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Comment from: Karen Therese [Visitor]
Jamie, I got the news yesterday that you had departed this world, changed address, gone to the other side. It was a shock to me because our time together in this world had come to an end and all I could think about was all the beauty and laughter I experienced being in your company. I remember many times when you held my boys in your arms when they were small and how you held my creative spirit in so many tender ways and helped me to become the artist that I am today. I remember how present you were and overcame huge obstacles to just create the music because you felt it and loved it. You were an amazing person and gave so much to this world. I will help your beautiful wife Cheri and very lovely daughter Nova in every way possible to survive your death.

I will forever love you and honor you my departed friend.

Karen Therese
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Comment from: Donna Taylor [Visitor]
Cherie, I just received the email. I'm very sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine what you're going through right now, but if you should want to talk to me or just have me listen, call me anytime, ANYTIME!

So much love to you & Nova. -donna t
Permalink 01/04/06 @ 16:24
Comment from: Janice McCormick [Visitor]
I share in all of your sorrow, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn more about Jamie through your postings. I met Jamie about seven years ago through my husband, Steve McCormick. Jamie was a great father, and my daughters, Kiona (6) and Colette (5) absolutely adore Nova. We look forward to additional sleepovers, and spending more time with both Cheri and Nova. Our doors and our arms are wide open. From my brief encounters with Jamie over the years, I’ve picked up on his unique ability to be fearlessly direct. Jamie did this to me a couple of times, and I believe it was with good intentions. Each time I was initially shocked, but ultimately grateful for the mirror he showed me. Thank you, Jamie, for reminding me to step outside of myself once in awhile, and to live in the moment. I will miss you, Janice McCormick
Permalink 01/04/06 @ 16:37
Comment from: Pan [Visitor]
Cheri, I am sooo sorry to hear of your loss. If you need anything please don't hesitate to call me. I am praying for you.

Love you & Nova much!
Pam Trotter
Permalink 01/04/06 @ 17:12
Comment from: Vanessa DeLaire [Visitor]
Ohh... where to begin... "Chizzle..." When I heard the news I could not even believe it...Seriously, it didn't register, and it's still hard to event fathom. Jason and I talked to you just hours before you went "home"...we had planned to get together that following Monday night. Since I had moved to Los Angeles about a year and half it was a tradition that Jason and I would call you to let you know that he was in town,or we showed up at Carmax to suprise you and hug you... and we would plan our next hang... and the times that we had hung, were the best. Chez, you have been my big brother since I was about 8 years old. I can't even remember my life with out you, hangin' with all of us knuckle head Petersons.
I just have to thank your warm heart and overwhelming sense of LOYALTY to me, since I had moved. You made sure that I was taken care of since I was out here by myself, and were the best big brother! It was such a comfort to know that you were in LA with me! It made my transition more comfortable than you even know! Thank you for all of the fun memories, the most funny and most recent, back in October, when we had gone to the El Premio Latin Music Fan Awards, I don't think that I have laughed harder, since. Man, we clowned that night at the Forum... and it was so fun reminising about you playing with Jesse Johnson, 20 years back, and all of the fun musical memories of Mpls... etc... You and my brother at the studio of 35 near the ghetto Taco Bell... my whole life passing that landmark, I would think of you guys. You were and are still my musical and humanitarian heros! I have learned so much from gowing up with you and my brother, uncles and numerous friends of the family about being a great person, how to be loyal, how to enjoy life, to be humerous, to be comfortable in your own skin and of course, to LOVE MUSIC! I thank you for that for forever!
To Cheri and Nova, oh how Jamie loved you both and were so proud of you two and your family! It was such a joy witnessing his passion for you both.
Please know that our entire family is here for you, forever. We love you all very much and will keep Jamie's wonderful legacy alive!

On behalf of our entire Peterson family, our thoughts, prayers and blessings are with you now and always.

Love Vanessa
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Comment from: bytemonster [Member]
Comment from: Lydia Marie [Visitor]

Oh my God I sit in disbelief as the realization of the lost of one of my oldest and dearest friends swells in my heart, in my stomach and throughout my very being. Jamie, words will never describe the ache I feel in my heart, my disbelief that you are gone, nor the emptiness I now have in my soul. We go so far back that the word "friend" doesn't even do us justice. I haven't seen you since leaving L.A. in 93 but I was thrilled to hear that you were married and had a daughter. After seeing her face and your smile on this site I was touched so deeply I felt as if my own heart would stop. I learned of your departure only yesterday, ironically on my way back from a funeral! Craig (Dion) had tracked me down and I don't think that initially I believed him. It was too incredible, to wrong and to unfair for me to have to hear this about my boy. I'm sad, I'm angry and I'm so confused. I have a picture of you and Chris and I (you have on my polka doted shirt with the holes in it) because you didn't have anything (cool) to wear! Smile!! You always gave me a hard time about my loving that picture of us because of the goofy shirt I made you wear. I'm seated in front of you and Chris is next to you on a platform at some dindgy wharehouse site. We WERE COOL and life was the bomb! The 80's was all about us strugglin to eat, pay rent and light fires underneath my old beaters to un-freeze it. We didn't have much but we had one another for the two plus years that we were roomates.I thank God that I kept you in my heart so closely even though miles, careers and family changed our paths so dramatically. YOu and I were soul mates, brother & sister till the end, I'll never ever forget your love, your smile, that style of music we invented! and YOU!!! My husband hung that very picture on my wall in my office at work just the day before i learned of your death. It's as if you were letting me know that you had gone on, only I didn't know it at the time. We were packing to move and I came across a bunch of those pix and picked that one, with you...I know in my heart that was your way of saying goodbye to me before Craig gave me the news. I know that you knew how hurt I would be and you wanted to comfort me. This is in fact one of the greatest sorrows of my life, but as you requested in your note to me back in 81, I'll keep that candle burnin in the window, only this time it'll be for you.
Jamie you are my heart...my song, have always been my laughter and now, my angel. I will never forget our years and struggles together. I am greatful that a piece of you has been left behind in your beautiful daughter and so happy that you found the love that you were always so deserving of in your wife. I pray that God continues to bless your family and friends with the comfort of the knowledge that...you are home.

01/05/06 @ 12:51
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Comment from: Jackie [Visitor]
I'm really having trouble with what to write because I'm stunned. However, Jamie you will be missed and the one vision of you that keeps popping up in my mind is seeing you walk into Fren and Tamar's wedding holding Nova. You both looked so happy and beautiful!

Lots of love funkmonk...
Permalink 01/05/06 @ 20:57
Comment from: Nicole Gitlin [Visitor]
Jamie, My first thought when I saw the e-mail from your address with the subject "sad announcement" was "there's Jamie again, being so thoughtful and great at communicating and staying in touch". As everyone else has mentioned, I was completely stunned when I read that the sad announcement was about you. I read the e-mail on Jan.2 when I returned to work after the holidays and I let out a little yell when I realized the news. I see you swirling your red wine in a large red wine glass right now. We will honour you in our hearts always. You are a beautiful man. Love always, Nic
Permalink 01/06/06 @ 16:39
Comment from: Tina "T" Rigali [Visitor]
Got the call at 4:30 a.m. Christmas Eve morning. Jamie - no. Not Jamie. Shock...Crying again... then I look at the bigger picture - then I think about Jamie - more tears.
I love to think about his intense beautiful eyes and his dry humor. He always cracked me UP!!!! I think now about the videos he shot of Nova - which his unending quips. Nova will have videos of her childhood as seen through her father's eyes. I remember phone calls from Jamie - wanting advice about his relationship with Cheri. He loved her - loves her forever. I remember when Cheri was giving birth to Nova - Jamie and I were there - I remember his expressions -his joy, his pride - his awe at the miracle....watching him hold Nova. I'm glad I took pictures. So many memories. Cheri and Nova - we love you. We will all be in Heaven together. My daughter Mahiah said - Mommy - don't you wish we were all in Heaven rignt now. I said - yeah that would be so great - but we will have to wait a bit and do our best while we are still here. There is so much to look forward to in "the bigger picture" - see you all in Heaven. The music will be great - I promise you....Jamie will make sure of it. Love you Jamie, Cheri and Nova - infinity love,
Tina "T" and Mahiah
Permalink 01/06/06 @ 18:28
Comment from: bytemonster [Member]
Comment from: Lydia Marie [Visitor]

Last night I said goodbye to Jamie. I had cried for two day's. I Couldn't work, eat or sleep. I could find no peace within myself. Last night I drank a toast to Jamie. I talked about my best friend from the 80's like there was no tomorrow. I found eveyone, anyone who knew "us" to laugh with me. I remembered his beautiful blue eyes, that smile that lit up the room, and then, I let him go. I made a promise to myself that I would send a gift to his wife and daughter to help them get through. And that eveytime I had a little extra I would help them the way that Jamie helped me. I know that he would do it for me. I know that he loved me that much and this was my chance to show him just what he meant to me. I may never meet his wife or even his daughter, but that's o.k. I know that if Jamie loved anyone their soul had to be as pure and as beautiful as his was. I am honored to have known and loved this man. I am blessed with having had his presance in my life for the years that I did. I am in total awe of the beauty I see in his child, and I am especially proud of the man that the young man I knew became. Now I can honestly say that the only thing I will miss is his music. I have one song that Jamie and I wrote together. He sings background for me on it. I will cherish this always, but if any of you have a CD of Jamie or some of his work that I can buy please please let me know. That is what I am missing. Him, I cannot alow myself to say I miss,because when I said goodbye yesterday my memories let me know...that he will always be with me.

Please call me if you have any info on any local service being held or benefits in his honor.
Lydia Marie 612-342-1440
or email to: johnsonmanagerial@yahoo.com
May God bless you all and be with now and always.

01/06/06 @ 21:18
Permalink 01/06/06 @ 21:30
Comment from: Beth Zerilli (aka Mrs. Zerilli) [Visitor]
Cheri & Novia,
My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Cheri, you are an incredibly sweet and caring person. If there's anything I can do to help you or Novia, please don't hesitate to ask (310)254-0726.
Beth Zerilli
Permalink 01/08/06 @ 21:26
Comment from: Michael J. Sanchez [Visitor]
Brother Jamie, there are not words in any language that say how much you are missed and loved and will always be loved.
I'm Michael, the oldest Sanchez brother.
To his friends who've poured out your hearts and wallets to help, thank you a thousand times. May God honor to you all His promise to give back to you as you have given.
Thank you for setting up this website, those who did. Truly no greater Friends exist than you. I'm so pleased that you used one of the photos I took of Jamie and Nova back in May 2002 when I visited them. I have a couple rolls of film of Nova and Jamie from a couple visits.
Jamie was the second youngest Sanchez kid, my little brother, the embodiment of the best of all the Sanchez genes in one person. He was the best of all of us.
"Full of life" is an almost excellent phrase to describe Jamie. It was energizing to be with him in the same room. He drove like a typical maniacal L. A. driver, calling me an old man driver when I tried keeping up with him on the freeway going to a gig. He had the driest wit. He brought his sense of humor and positive attitude to all situations and persons.
Well, heaven is better for Jamie's arrival but we down on earth are the lesser for it. Few people achieve a level of personal greatness like his, one of the most genuine of the human species. He raised the bar for the rest of us. One should not question God's will but as a human I have to say I did challenge the Creator on this one, if for only a moment. Yeah, His ways our higher than ours but still...ouch..."Are you sure about this one, Lord?"

Jamie's father Bill Sanchez and his three brothers, me and Mark and Nick, and his sister Peg, will see you all at the Celebration of Jamie's life, as God wills.
His peace to all our hearts.
And thank you all for befriending Jamie. His goodness is partly the product of his relationships with all of you good people.

Michael J. Sanchez
Permalink 01/10/06 @ 14:18
Comment from: Timothy Bednarz [Visitor]
My name is Tim Bednarz. I was and I STILL am a true friend of Jamie's. I have been since the 70's in Minnesota.

Even when our life's changed which caused us to not see each other as much, or made it hard for us to speak to each other on a daily basis. I know we were always as close as we were when we first met in Minnesota. The place where we we both began to share with each other our passion for music and where we began our life long arguements in jest....over music. :-)

I miss you Jamie very much. You were my partner in the music world. Both you and I came to California to "make it" You were one of my idols.

It breaks my heart to know there is pain right now for his loved ones. For his family. For his friends. Jamie would have hated to know there was pain because of him. Jamie it is not because of you that there is pain. It is because you are not here...that's why it hurts.

I hope I can make down there to be a part of Jamie's last musical experience here in this realm. I know he is with the legends of music right now. Being a part of the greatest jam session ever!

I miss you Jamie my brother. I hope to see you on the other side my friend.

God Bless

Timothy J. Bednarz

Permalink 01/10/06 @ 18:38
Comment from: Kenny Robinson [Visitor]
I really do not nowhere to begin. Jamie was probably one of the really coolest guys that I ever met, that was only twice. But you meet people and they have this lasting impression upon you, and that was Jamie.

I met you once at a MPLS music shop, back in the mid 1980s, and you were so cool. You talked to a group of highschool kids who thought that they knew everything about music. You laid down the truth and told us to get our acts together. And you told us to keep in touch with you, which was cool.

Man, I am gonna miss you. I wish that we could have stayed in touch more. I am very sad right now. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. And my prayers are with you, Jamie. I miss you.
Permalink 01/19/06 @ 22:51
Comment from: Tim Bednarz [Visitor]
Today is the organized memorial for my beloved friend and brother Jaime.

To those of us who could not attend today's service and concert I hope you all joined me in a moment of silence and prayer.

I do so hope there will be a way for us to gather and celebrate Jaime's life and all of our links together through him on another day.

My heart broke along with everyone else's on Christmas Eve when I recieved the call from Gail. My heart is broken again today.

I know it cannot compare to the heartache which his family and most of all his beloved daughter Nova are going through. Just know this. I will NEVER forgot what Jamie meant to me in my life. Everyone in Jaime's family is ALWAYS welcome in my world. ANYTIME!

You can contact me via email: tbedz1@comcast.net

Or phone me @ (408) 205-8419

Jamie. I have said it before. I will say it again. I miss our talks about life, the past, the present and our long conversations about our passion for music. You were my musical idol and my friend.

Cheers mate!

Timothy Bednarz
Permalink 01/22/06 @ 15:03
Comment from: Bill Sanchez [Visitor]
Upon Jamie's passing my faith was severely shaken and challenged. When I saw the love that people have for Jamie, and how they expressed it, it softened my anger toward God for taking my son, and I was convinced that Jamie is with Him, hence in a better place. I am blessed to have known Jamie, to have re-connected with him after many years, and to have had the chance for us to get to know each other. We had always planned to spend even more time together.
When Joey said that he knew Jamie for 25 years it reminded me that many people have known Jamie for much longer than I have...and I grieved for the loss of those years. When Joey said that Jamie really loved me, and called me “Papa Chez”, I prayed that Jamie knew how much I love him.
Jamie's attachment to butterflies prompted that theme for the event, for the music, for the tributes to him and for the gesture of releasing the butterflies in the patio area. The theme seemed to unify all of the messages about Jamie.
This gathering of family and friends to honor Jamie was a blessed event...his soul was present among all of our souls, and we were spiritually nurtured.
I was also impressed with the caliber of musical professionals with whom Jamie interacted and who liked and loved him. Their music was wonderful, expertly performed, and moved my soul. They came from distant places to acknowledge their love and to honor Jamie…a blessed group they are.
I'm listening to the Tangletown CD, grieving over Jamie, crying...realizing that he will never play again. I guess it's finally hitting me...I hate it. I...hate...it!!! Still, I am praying a lot...trying to understand…trying to determine if there is an understanding. I remember Joey intimating that he seemed more focused on business than Jamie. What I hear regarding Jamie in this CD is a man, who had perfected his craft...and doted on precision playing, even though he was not featured in any of the pieces they performed. That's the Jamie I knew, wide-open creativity and crisp precision in his playing. Having watched him perform several times, I remember his intensive concentration on percussion, with a sharp ear to the other performers. His friendly, outgoing personality carried him through his business dealings, and his honesty and integrity won him business. It surprised me when he began to work for CarMax, but I understood that he was simply putting his skills to work for his family. Some of these things I know about Jamie, but I still have much to learn about my son.
Jamie is gone, but is with me. I am continuing the many and different conversations he and I started.
I am so very thankful that Jan and Marty, in their love for Jamie, launched him into his creative self where he became fulfilled.

Permalink 01/27/06 @ 18:39
Comment from: Mark W. Schember [Visitor]
Heading East
Leaving the West
Just had to bury
One of the best

My heart was a mess
But now it's blessed
As I leave the West

His older brother
I was a pest
But that all changed
When we left the nest

I did my job
Because when we laid him to rest
We all knew he was the Best

Marcus Chez
Permalink 01/30/06 @ 15:11
Comment from: Michael J. Sanchez [Visitor]
Now that's clever, Moki Chez, I must confess (to keep the rhyme going).
Permalink 01/31/06 @ 14:09
Comment from: Robert Schember [Visitor]
I don’t believe in coincidence.
Certain popular songs bring Jamie into my head, they always have. They’ve always been good thoughts, nothing dramatic, just a memory, a conversation, a chance meeting when we were both on the road.
He loved my stories of two wheel adventure in the backwaters of America. I’d always throw in the music culture because I know he loved to hear it.
One trip that comes to mind is a run I made into Mississippi, along the river. I’d stop at every little hole-in-the-wall along the levy taking in all the culture I could find. Three old men and a woman were sitting on a porch in a couple of rockers and a porch swing, with instruments one hot afternoon; so thinking of Jamie, I wheel my bike up to the yard in front of their porch and asked directions.
I wasn’t lost; I just wanted to learn what I could learn from these folks and maybe hear a tune to tell Jamie about. They were nice folks, and set their instruments down along the wall of the house and told me all about themselves! They talked about their town, its history, segregation, racism, the river, the high cost of tomatoes, and their families. In two hours, I got three generations of history and learned plenty about happiness, attitude, hard work, and good times. They had lived full lives as the world they grew up in spun out of control all around them. They didn’t understand it, and they didn’t care.
They only had one collective regret. They never got to go to Memphis to play the Blues. They had all went to listen, but just once they wanted to play. I asked them “You folks any good?” The women piped up with a wail that sent me back 2 steps and the rest reaching for their instruments. What a voice! They played a couple tunes that would blow away any room.
He asked me “Why don’t you tape that stuff man, its priceless?”
I told him I was enjoying it to much to think about it.
He quipped “Why didn’t you tape it for me?”
I told him “You were the reason I stopped in the first place!”
His drawn out hushed reply “Cool man…….”

Someone wrote this line in a song a while ago “If you believe in forever, life is just a one night stand.” I think Rock & Roll Heaven needed a drummer and they hired the right person for the job.

Permalink 01/31/06 @ 22:46
Comment from: jamie lemoine [Visitor]
i met Jamie about twenty years ago exactly in Minneapolis. we lived in the same house with Jimmy Black and Scott Durand. my memories of jamie are all good. he was a brilliant musician. humble, and multi-talented. like most of the great musicians i've met. unaware of how important he was to this world. and a genuinely nice human being. Jamie's talent and kindness were way to big for the business. though we'd only been in touch occasionally since minnesota, we kept in touch. i saw him play in s.f. on two occasions and it was the best buzz seeing him. when you can see someone after years and it still seems like you met up with them just yesterday. since i heard the news i can't really express how much i miss him. strange for someone i haven't seen in five years. guess i'll have to see him on the other side now. sleep well my freind.

your pal,

The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity. ~Seneca
Permalink 02/01/06 @ 03:56
Comment from: Lynn (Fjerstad) Rose [Visitor]
Jamie was special. All you had to do was take one look at him and you could tell. Those eyes (!). That hair. That beautiful smile. You could just tell there was something magical about him. Back in the late 70’s when I met him (and I bet probably every single decade since) every female within 30 miles wanted to be in Jamie’s presence. The girls of Apple Valley loved him. He was special, yet if he knew it, he didn’t let on. He was never arrogant, never assuming.... he was real, always friendly, always gracious – and when I got in touch with him about 3 years ago he was exactly the same friendly and gracious guy I remembered. It was nice to see that California and the music biz hadn’t seemed to change that.

Three of us who had known Jamie from Apple Valley High School were going to LA on holiday and I got in touch with him. We exchanged some phone calls, emails and photos of our kids (he was so proud of Nova!), and arranged to meet at his place one afternoon, but it rained that afternoon and, of course, everyone in LA forgot how to drive – traffic was barely even crawling and we had time issues. We had to cancel. “Well, next time we’re out there...” we said. Damn that LA traffic!!

I am so very saddened to hear of Jamie’s death. My heart goes out to his family. I can’t even imagine the loss you all feel. I have to say though that I feel comforted and happy that Jamie had so many people that loved and cared for him... happy that he followed and fulfilled his dreams with his music... happy that he found and knew true love... happy that he knew the great joy of being a parent... happy that Jamie had a fabulous life in the short time he was here... because a lot of us never get to know some of these things. Jamie was lucky...and definitely special.
Permalink 05/10/06 @ 09:41
Comment from: Mark W. Schember [Visitor]
Our James

The World has lost another soul,
Now in our lives remains a hole.

Of this event we had no control,
It hit us hard and took it’s toll.

We think of him often and miss him so,
We never thought that he would go.

He brightened our lives and touched deeply us all
Whoever knew Dec. 24th. would be his call.

The music, the smiles, he gave his all
We didn’t resist a bit his thrall.

June 18th, his day in the year
Remember him well, with good cheer.

Oh Brother, Oh Friend, Oh Son you were,
You are in our hearts, please know this for sure.

The wholeness of our Love for you,
Be with you forever, I wish it true.

As you look on us, those you knew,
even if our hearts are blue,
Know our Love fills the skies,
A reflection of the Love from your eyes.

Permalink 06/16/06 @ 20:17
Comment from: bytemonster [Member]
Happy Birthday Jamie! We miss you down here and think of you often. Peace, my friend.
Permalink 06/18/06 @ 14:30
Comment from: Mark Schember [Visitor]
Touching The Angels Wings

Once upon a time we heard him sing
He strummed the old guitar strings

Once upon a time we heard him play
Only to be remembered another day

The old guitar broken and dirty
He made sound golden, melodic and pretty

I could never make it sound that good
Only a true musician could

His voice carried through the air
In this moment I had no care

In those moments I had release
And felt such a gentle peace

Now when he plays and sings
It only touches the Angels wings

Moki Chez
Permalink 06/28/06 @ 06:14
Comment from: Mark W. Schember [Visitor]
A Butterfly Did Flutter By

He passed with flying colors
Giving his talent to others

Giving freely of the light inside
Not even knowing how to hide

People were attracted to his glow inside
Not even knowing how they were tied

Of this man that they passed one day
Sensed a special feeling that wouldn’t go away

The magnetism, the eyes, deeper meaning they had to say,
Meet him now, don’t let him slip away

Bask in his glow this special one
A brief encounter with this Mother’s dear son

We come out better on the other side
When we meet God’s gift, even though now he has died

Yes he was God’s gift to us, for this we thank him much
Even though he has passed away, we will meet him on our final day

He brought us light, he brought us love
He lived life right, Divined from above

Thank you Lord for this gift we received
Forgive us if in his taking we felt deceived

Your special gift to us blessed our lives
His memories we will hold Holy and will survive

Your ways are perfect we know true
Thank you for this gift from you

Mark W. Schember
Permalink 07/31/06 @ 07:57
Comment from: Maybeline [Visitor]
Jamie Chez, I still cannot believe you are gone. Is this real??
I am so fortunate to have met you and was one of your roommates with Michael Sherwood in LA. You made the house come alive with your energy, your soul. I remember staying up all night talking .. and as you would say "solving the world's problems". You would make me laugh and ease my tensions. I loved to watch you perform. You were passionate about your music. I remember the first night you performed flowers and butterflies. The moment you hit the stage, you were sharing your gift, and there was no denying you were born to be there. I have thought of you often since I moved away. and I am so grateful that we were able to reconnect in 2004. Your voice the same smooth, hip tone. Your quick wit, and contagious laugh. Your pride and love for Nova was overflowing. What a remarkable gift you and Cheri have left the world. I only wish I could have seen you more. Had the opportunity to meet your family and the blessing of seeing you as a loving caring father. I know you are looking over us all and sending that love to sooth the loss we have endured. You are missed. You are truly missed and you are in my heart.
Permalink 08/09/06 @ 20:50

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  • A sad announcement

    My Friends,
    With great sadness I am contacting you to inform you of the passing of our dear friend Jamie Chez. He passed away suddenly in his sleep on December 24th.
    As of today, very little is known as to the cause but all indicators point to a sudden natural trauma.
    This sudden, unimaginable loss has put many in shock and has left no room for understanding. He was a great human being and the best friend anyone could ever have. He was the kindest, gentlest, most harmless person I have ever known and I will miss him dearly.
    Please share this information with those who he may have touched.
    There will be services for those of you who wish to show your respects and a benefit to celebrate his life and help aid in the hardship this has put on his wife and daughter.
    I will be contacting you again with more information.

    May we all share his spirit forever.

    Joey Finger


What you can do

  • What you can do

    Hello everyone,

    I know we all feel a big hole in our hearts, especially on New Years Eve, as we celebrate getting through another year. Unfortunately, we must enter this new one without our dear friend Jamie Chez. I imagine that the loss we feel must be miniscule compared to how deeply it will be felt by his family, not only now, or next week, but also next year, and in the years after. There will be so many things missed now by his loving wife Cheri and daughter Nova, the light of his life.

    We have set up a PayPal account that goes directly to Cheri, and will be setting up a fund for Nova, for the future, which will not only accept one time donations, but also, hopefully, yearly donations as well.

    We can all help Jamie's family get through this tragedy by letting them concentrate on the healing, so please donate generously by going to http://www.novasfund.org and clicking on the SEND A DONATION button.

    You may also send your donations directly to:
    Cheri Wells-Chez
    5228 1/2 Village Green
    Los Angeles, CA 90016

    We all feel so helpless in times like these. Here's something we can do that will make a difference. I can only imagine he'd do the same for us.

    We love you Jamie.

    Fren Asken



  • Service for Jamie

    Important Update: TIME CHANGE FOR SERVICE
    The address for the Memorial Service & Concert:
    3838 S. CENTINELA AVE.  (cross street is Venice Blvd.)
    LA   CA    90066
    Parking lots available on the North and South sides of the Vineyard; overflow parking available at the McBride School...there will be signage.
    We have the chapel from 1:30 - 4:30p.m. 
    Schedule of events. . .
    set - up patio and chapel at 1p.m.
    Memorial Service:  1:30 - 2:00 in chapel
    exit to patio for a special surprise at 2:10
    break on patio for refreshments/etc. from 2:10 - 2:30
    Benefit Concert from 2:30 - 4:15
    exit/clean up chapel 4:15
    clean - up patio from 4:30 to 5:30
    (water is the only beverage allowed in the chapel)
    *  Those wishing to bring food/beverages (NON ALCOHOLIC only)and/or set up; please contact Gailyn at gailynmaddis@aol.com  
    **  Anyone interested in performing should contact Joey at jfdrums@aol.com 
    ***Anyone interested in clean up; please contact Bruce at rideon1@hotmail.com


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  • Blog closed for now due to excessive spamming

    Too much spam. If you'd like to post, please write me at admin@novasfund.org.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    We miss you everyday, Jamie.



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